Heineken testing new hard seltzer in McAllen market 

Courtesy: Heineken

Heineken USA is launching a new line of premium Mexican flavored hard seltzers.

Known as Canijilla, the hard seltzer will come in two varieties, including Mango Picosito, a sweet and spicy mix; and Limón-Pepino, a blend of cucumber and lime.

“This bold seltzer was created in Mexico  and comes in refreshing flavors that are authentic to the region,” John Barney, senior zone director of sales in southern Texas for Heineken, told the Current in an email announcing the launch. “At only 120 calories, Canijilla is lower in calories than leading FMBs and is more flavorful than other hard seltzers.”

And here’s the interesting part: The new product will be available for a limited time for test marketing in San Bernardino, California, and McAllen.

The company is testing sales of the product in these markets and, if it does well, the product could expand to additional markets across the United States.

With the local test launch this month, Canijilla will be available at most supermarkets, grocery stores and liquor stores in McAllen, the company told the Coastal Current Weekly. To search for specific locations, log on to us.canijilla.com/.

Why did the company chose to test sales of the new product in South Texas?

“We chose this market to test the product in because of the diversity of the region and community,” Barney wrote in an email. “We found that there was an opportunity to bring a flavorful, refreshing and authentic premium Mexican flavored hard seltzers, making the McAllen area the perfect place to test this product in.”

Heineken USA also sees opportunity in the sales of hard seltzer.

“Hard seltzers appeal to health-conscious customers,” Barney explained. “Canijilla in particular is a carbonated creating a lighter, more refreshing experience for consumers.”

Canijilla lists its alcohol content on the can as 5% alcohol by volume.